I am active in the outdoors, seeking out human connection to the wild places we preserve, while also searching for solace and spiritual awakening through contemplation of our natural wonders. I hunt for the reflection of the cosmos in the textural shapes and patterns of the natural world. My work has been featured in numerous park publications, websites, and exhibits.

All photos are available for sale. Please contact me for any digital download requests.


Selections of my work are available at Wild Eye Artistry in Kalispell, Montana.


Follow my blog "Ranger Rains" at Mountain Living Magazine


My illustrations reflect the connectivity of life and the impossibility of stability. In these collections I explore my nightmares and my dreams in abstract and character form, as I try to understand what motivates my sense of place and who I am. 


Digital files of these inkworks are available upon request for either printing, or tatoo art. Selections of my work are available on my Etsy Store: TimsDreamingTree


As well as featured at:

Sassafras Artisan Co-op in downtown Kalispell, Montana 

Style A gallery in downtown Bozeman, Montana


"The Sugar Golem", Whitefish Review: Art, Literature, Photography- Mythic Beasts and Monsters Volume 9, Issue 1


My writing focuses primarily on my day to day life experiences and is featured in my journal site: Call Of The Sparrow. My poetry has been published in various magazines, as well as exhibits.


"Last Call" Half-Baked Journal Issue#2 Fall 2013

"Best Damn Turkey Ever" Half-Baked Journal Issue #2 Fall 2013

Two Untitled Poems,  Ethica Press


I create original compositions for piano and voice, and some choral work. If interested please contact me for original works or to arrange a piece for performance.


"Sir, Santa Claus" Portland Gay Men's Chorus, Alter Egos Caberet, Portland, OR 2013

"Gluten-Free Holiday" Portland Gay Men's Chorus, Holiday Connections Concert, Portland, OR 2013

"Alleluia for Sparrow" Waverly Heights United Church of Christ, Portland, OR Spring 2014

"Joy!" Portland Gay Men's Chorus, A Holiday Celebration Concert, Portland, OR 2014

"The Sparrow Calls" Waverly Heights United Church of Christ, Portland OR Spring 2015