Maybe We Should Talk

2015 Glacier National Park Photo Exhibition



Base Camp Brewery


Portland, Oregon 

April - July 2015


this is the heart talking...


Working as national park ranger at Glacier National Park in the summer of 2014 was a return for me. A year and a half prior, I had left the wilds of interior Alaska, frustrated and burned out and going through what I dubbed an emotional divorce. I had fallen in love with a place because I had not given myself permission to love a man. Alaska like any other mature, patient lover with someone new, taught me how to love- how to be soft, how to be kind, how to deal with the years of built of anger which came out when I tried to love.  The pictures from that time period reflect the delicate, raw, and untamed intimacy of those moments as I found similarities in the naked vastness of the Alaskan tundra and can be viewed in my Alaska galleries. In this process of loving the land, I accepted who I was and came to love myself, but realized a place could never fulfill the physical intimacy my heart sought. I left to search for it in the city of Portland, and while physically I explored all the city had to offer I compared every lover to my first love.  No one came close to the depth of how I felt about Alaska. My heart yearned to return, but was afraid of the isolation. I finally gave in and returned to a place not as far away, but as I discovered equally as beautiful- Glacier National Park in Montana. In those first few weeks I began to feel that familiar feeling, that sense of coming home, of the heart coming home. It was not the young intimate rash love of my delayed adolescence. I had grown up in Portland. This was different. Once again, though,  I found myself un-apologetically falling for the grace notes of the land which surrounded me- the sky opening as water moving through poetry, dripping with and through the light, and then returning to me in song, image, and man reminding me to find a balance of both the physical and the emotional when I love.  

Here, in Montana, I remain- in and with love. 


this is me,




06-05-14 Maybe We Should Talk- Call of the Sparrow Poetry Journal


Printing and Mounting- PLYWERK

All photos for the exhibition are printed and mounted at Plywerk- an eco-conscious company out of Portland, Oregon which handcrafts their display and storage goods. The photos are mounted on Maple with a birch/ alder cor and certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.


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